EU Code Week Icebreaker Rerun

Breve corso di coding in preparazione alla EU Code Week rivolto a insegnanti, studenti e genitori

The EU Code Week Icebreaker MOOC is a short introductory course (5 hour-long) aims to make EU Code Week more appealing and meaningful for teachers, schools, and parents, while raising awareness about the importance of integrating coding and computational thinking into their lesson. Learning how to code can empower students to be at the forefront of a digitally competent society, develop a better understanding of the world that surrounds them, and increase their chances to succeed in their personal and professional lives. This course will provide participants with knowledge and skills about coding and computational thinking, as well as ideas, free training material, and resources to help them organize a Code Week activity anytime, anywhere. Teachers, parents, and educators will learn about Code Week and how to participate in this initiative, that last year brought together 4.2 million people in Europe and beyond. At the end of the MOOC, along with the knowledge and skills acquired, participants will obtain a certificate validated by the European Commission for their participation and engagement in the course and the initiative. This introductory course has an estimated workload of five hours in total. Participants will have the possibility to start and complete the course in one day or in five weeks, depending on their availability and free time, between 11th May and 15th June.

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